We Move

The 2021 theme for National Teen Self-Esteem Month is “We Move.” As we know, resilience is key to navigating life at any age. When faced with challenges how do teens find their way in an unstructured environment when they are so used to structure? How do they embrace the need to pivot, still find purpose, meaning, and remain hopeful that there are better days ahead? How do they have faith that they still have a future? When faced with bullying and peer pressure, what do they do? It’s easy to get stuck and lose confidence and faith. This month, let’s help them work through some ways to move, so they strengthen their confidence and tenacity to ride the waves of life: 

We Move Through challenges and setbacks

We Move In prepared

We Move Out of our comfort zone

We Move Up from where we are stuck

We Move On from setbacks and what has caused us trauma