The New Deal

The 2022 theme for National Teen Self-Esteem Month is “The New Deal.” In history, this term was introduced during one of the most critical times where people needed security and our leaders were looking to restore prosperity and help those in need recover from the impact of the times. Borrowing from this idea, this May and year of 2022 teens and those organizations that support their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being can accelerate the improvements needed for teens to continue to thrive in this moment and time we are in with NEW:

  • Commitments to wellbeing
  • Approaches to managing stress, anxiety, and anger, peer pressure, bullying, and crisis
  • Interests to engage in activities that they choose
  • Understanding that mistakes happen and allow us to learn and grow
  • Pacts with self, teachers and school officials, parents and guardians, peers, social media and media, and society

Choose a new deal.